le boom double

found, out of control pet, disappeared for ~1 week :/

new tumblr blog


I opened a new tumblr blog, content is anything that I consider inspirational or good design, could be an object, a photo or a screenshot (just take a look at the first posts), follow it if you like it: http://erripman.tumblr.com/

Of course I’m continuing posting on http://photos.robotpig.net/ thank you all very much for your support!

stone wall
my new favourite pencil
at παραλία κιατου
ψυχεδελική έκθεση με edgy τέχνη και φωτισμό 3000 GigaWatt που λιώνει και μέταλλα :| (at παραλία κιατου)
at Παραλία Βραχατιου
le wild parapente appeared  (at Παραλία Βραχατιου)
Piraeus port, July ‘14
Santorini sailing, #gopro
vintage floor
ΕΛΤΑ  design  (at ΕΛΤΑ (Hellenic Post))